How Long is a School Day in China

A look at the daily schedule of a school in China provides great insights for why its education system is one of the most rigorous and successful worldwide. In this article, we'll help you understand how long school days are in China depending on the level of education and what goes into a typical day.

Hours of Primary and Secondary Schools

School Day Begins and Ends: In China, class typically starts at about 8:00 AM and summaries around 4:00 PM resulting in an eight-hour school days. Yet this can differ a bit by school and area.

Morning Exercises and Classes: The day typically starts off with a short morning exercise routine, common at Chinese schools along four or five class periods leading to lunch. This year has one 24-hour period, but usually each time slot is only around ~40-45 mins and then a nice little break to refresh yourself for the next session.

Afternoon Sessions: Lunch is followed by another session, which can last an hour and a half to the end of school hours. After 4:00 PM, the majority of students either eke out additional classes or get some tutoring done (which increases as they become more senior in their levels). This time beyond the school day, especially in exam season can easily extend to or even exceed 6:00 PM.

Rigor and Readiness in High School

Additional Study Time: When students go onto secondary school, more often than not the depth and intensity of their day at high school is amplified-specifically in the senior years. The gaokao (the Chinese university entrance examination) itself is exceedingly demanding and because of this, students can have another late night study session or extra class that will make their day end past even 8:00 pm.

And Weekend Classes- Many high school students must also attend schools or classes for preparation of exams on weekends. Especially in the months before gaokao2015, every second of study time became so precious.

Cultural and educational representation

Culture of Education: Cultural background, a long and structured school day is based on an understanding that in China, academic success is important for the future.

Effect on student life - This hectic schedule means there is hardly any time for other (greater-curricular) activities or leisure- this has been a point of discussion as far as complaining about the all-around advancement and by and large well being of understudies.

Specialized Educational Paths

For this reason, when it comes to hardworking pupils with career aspirations in the medical field and other fields that are specialized, their academic requirements go on even past school hours. In China's case, this education entails the highly demanding and prolific educational track of competitivity that starts in high school all the way to university (in some cases) as well. More info on the ride to grow to be a neurosurgeon .Learn more about the path to becoming a neurosurgeon here


In China, the school day is very demanding and lasts longer than a typical class period to accentuate education-related roles in Chinese life. While offering a good solid academic base, this system also question the balance of education with other youth development aspects.

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