Looking for an Expert LED Strip Light Supplier?

Looking into the LED Strip Light Market

LED strip lights are rapidly becoming the industry standard for accent lighting, task lighting, and other applications. The market for LEDs strips is estimated to grow 13% CAGR to exceed $2 billion by 2027 These growth trends are driven by advancements in LED technology and a move towards energy-saving lighting solutions.

Players in the LED Strip Light Market

Advanced LED Solutions

Located in Silicon Valley, Advanced LED Solutions is a Premiere LED Strip Light Supplier The site offers a variety of LED strip lights, including options with high-end smart home system connectivity. Delivering up to 120 lumens per watt at a color rendering index (CRI) of 95, their products are up to 100% more energy efficient and can provide customized lengths.

Lighting Innovators LLC

Miami based Lighting Innovators LLC offers top quality outdoor and industrial grade waterproof LED strip lights. Their strips are engineered for outdoor performance and are covered by a 70,000-hour lifetime warranty. At Lighting Innovators we have aggressive testing practices and an aggressive customer service stance to ensure our customers receive the best, specifically tailored (design targeted) products available.

Eco-Lightech Solutions

Based in Austin, Texas, Eco-Lightech Solutions specializes in green energy LED lighting products. Tunablewhite or Bi-Color as well as RGBW LED strip-lights for many residential and commercial applications including mood lighting and functional lighting. The most distinctive feature is that they include solar-powered variants, thus reducing dependence on grid-power and ensuring that they are more sustainable than they would be otherwise.

Choosing the Right Supplier

When you want to pick the right Expert LED Strip Light Supplier, you need to look at the scope and degree of product offerings, the sophistication of the technology in their LED products and the commitment that they have to customer support and waste reduction.

Direct Channels and Solutions

Top suppliers offer their clients direct communication with salespeople able to deliver custom solutions and detailed advice on their products. This direct dialogue helps make certain that the LED strip lighting options speak directly to the requirements of our customers – from color temperature to luminosity, from energy consumption to the lowest component cost.

Opting for Excellence

Everyone who wants high quality LED lighting, be they businesses or consumers, should look for a supplier that has a great deal of experience in the field and a real passion for innovation and customer satisfaction. They are advisory partners that extend beyond product sales (Advanced LED Solutions, Lighting Innovators LLC and Eco-Lightech Solutions).

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